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"Recruited to energize and optimize the monitoring coaching support of our learners at distance, she was able to identify the blocking points of our students, propose solutions appropriate support and resolve crisis situations. I was able to appreciate her communicative dynamism, oriented towards the success and motivation of learners. The whole team benefited from her know-how and her creativity in the management of difficult cases. Her investment in the subjects studied by the students has been able to reassure and legitimize its recommendations. Her tenacity made it possible to leave no delicate case unresolved. In summary, I salute her investment in the missions entrusted and his finesse of analysis to find, for each case, a suitable solution."

Global & Development Director, Gaelle F-G.

"It is with seriousness and professionalism that she has worked with autistic children in our school in Paris, providing psycho-education for their benefit and for all members of the team. It is a chance for the school to have attached her services and has no doubt that in other situations, coaching, courses, internships, contracts or others, this feeling will be shared by future managers."

Christophe M

School Director, France.

"She participated within our Autism Diagnostic Service in the process aimed at establishing a diagnosis in several cases. In practical terms, she was present at the history-making interviews with the families and during the direct observation with the subjects. As well as during the application of questionnaires and tests for autism, such as the Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (CHAT) and M-CHAT (new version). At the same time, she met the psychologist from the Col.legi Educació Especial Sants Innocents school in Barcelona, a renowned special education school that only accepts children with disabilities. And she assisted me in the Masters courses in Psychology at the UAB University of Barcelona. During her internship she showed great dynamism and responsibility. Her great interest in psychology and her involvement make her a reliable person. She also organized a conference in Paris about Autism. I am convinced that she would be a valuable asset to any team."

Pr. Francesc Cuxart

Projecte Autisme la Garriga, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

"During her university psychology training about Psychology of stress at the Brain Institute in Paris, she was always very attentive and diligent, even though her training in psychology had not prepared her for work in the research laboratory. Her approach to our research topic has been rigorous and scientific, and she has shown a healthy curiosity about neuroscience."

Eric N

ICM, The Brain Institut, Neuroscience. Paris, France.